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So excited... After three and a half years of work, research and interviews my newest book, an authorized biography is about to be released! "The High Sheriff: John Perry McDaniel III" Please share with everyone. Actual Release date and venues to be announced soon. His Christian name is John Perry McDaniel III, but his family and friends fondly refer to him as “Johnny Mac” or simply “Sheriff.” He is a straight-forward, honest man of reason, passion, compassion, and unwavering... faith in God. When I began writing this book several years ago, I did so because I considered the events which made the McDaniel Administration a long-standing success to be of historical significance to Jackson County, Florida. I came to realize that tucked away in Johnny Mac’s recollections, reminiscences, and remembrances are not only the unique and intriguing stories of his life, but a living anecdotal history of Jackson County during some turbulent times. John P. McDaniel III was elected to the office of sheriff in 1980. Mere weeks before he took office, his father was senselessly murdered by serial killers. He retired 28 years later, on November 4, 2008, on the heels of his wife’s brutal murder. His tenure as sheriff began and ended in tragedy, but his faith in God remained uncompromised. The High Sheriff gives you an up close and personal account of the life of John Perry McDaniel III. I hope through the pages contained in this book, you will come to know and appreciate Johnny Mac as I do. He is an unforgettable character – a child, son, father, husband, friend, survivor, and the man behind the badge. He is a throwback to the days when a handshake was all that was needed to finalize a deal – a self-made, God-fearing man of courage. I am proud to call him my friend.

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